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Lucky Eight Billiards Apparel

Our friends over at Lucky Eight Billiards have not only a unique design concept, but are also passionate about what they do.  Their line of apparel will definitely win you over, so be sure to go visit their site.


A word from Lucky Eight Billiards Apparel:

About Us

Who are we? We are just like you. Pool players. We love the game. We also know that like most other things in life, we like to look good when we're doing what we love. That is how all of this started. It's a simple concept: When you look good, you will play good. Makes sense right?

We wanted to create a line of apparel that was simple, functional, and breathable. Our logos are simple and clean. Our polo shirts are perfect for tournaments that require a specific dress code. The t-shirts are great for league nights with your friends and family. What more could you ask for?


lucky eight billiards logo