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Athena Pool Cues For The Ladies

If there is one company that understands the needs of a woman pool player, leave it to Athena.  

There entire collection and name was inspired by the Greek Goddess Athena.  Athena was a goddess of war and wisdom, which resonates perfectly into their line of products.

 Athena Pool Cues are not only a fine beautiful piece of art, but each and every single cue has been engineered to be precise and accurate to dominate all billiards games.  

They have some simple modifications that accommodate the lady players of today. Athena Cues are slightly thinner 12.5 mm shafts to promote a better bridge and smoother follow through and a shorter standard length of 57" creates a more natural balance point.  They also include a FREE 10 Inch maple pool cue extension to help with those long reach shots.

Athena Pool Cues has been and continues to demonstrate that they are the leaders in pool cues when it comes to design and performance.  We have seen tons and tons of female billiards players buying Athena Cues and all have the same thing to say.  They are overall impressed and blown away with the production quality, design and most important its playing accuracy.

Athena Pool Cues are a smart choice, wether you are just begining to play pool or you have been in the game for a long while, you will not regret your Athena Pool Cue Purchase.


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