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Blaze Pool Cues - Absolute Cues

Welcome to the entire collection of Blaze Pool Cues.  You can shop online directly with us for your pool cue.

Words and Styles

Blaze is not your daddy’s pool cue style. They started this company with one word – boring! They looked around and saw the same designs on hundreds of cues and decided that we were going to create some style in pool cues.

Here is what Blaze has to say about value.

"These cues are the best value ounce for ounce in the cue world. Big statement right? Well look at it like this, you can buy more expensive cues from famous names who advertise a lot, you can buy el cheapo cues on Ebay or some fly-by-night operation but you simply can’t get a better cue for the money unless it’s coming out of the same facility. Value is simply measured by what you get for the money. With Blaze cues you get a really solid piece of equipment that lasts a long time. We simply put the best practices, like seasoned wood and tight tolerance construction into each cue for a comparatively low price. We are cute with the descriptions of the cues but you will know that you have a cue built for performance with the first ball you hit. We don’t do a lot of advertising. So we don’t have to figure that overhead into our prices. You can spend the money you save on more pool playing."


We stand by Blaze and their values, you are looking for a great pool cue, look no further, you got it here.

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